Social Work with Children and Youth
The joint study programme
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Admission requirements

Applicants eligible for the Programme must be the holders of Bachelor’s degree/1 st Cycle or of the equivalent University level higher education degree in the field of Social sciences. Graduates from other fields of studies can be admitted if their completed education is assessed by the Universities (Programme Committee) as equivalent/sufficient. A good command of the English language for academic purposes is necessary (at least B2/C1 proficiency level under the Common European Framework).

As per reviewed Order of the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania „On general requirements for study programmes“ No. ISAK-1152, 12/06/2007, Item 9, the Law on Higher Educational Institutions (2011) of Latvia and decision of the Programme Committee, students without University Bachelor’s degree in social work are required to complete compensatory studies of 18 cr. ((Theory and Practice of Social Work (General), Methodology of Social Work (General) and Social Consulting)),  to insure sufficient knowledge and skills for successful Master’s degree studies. These requirements apply to both universities offering the program.

Students can apply either to MRU or partner University. All applicants shall be selected by the Commission of Admissions in the University to which they apply. Selected candidates shall be informed about the enrollment to the University to which they applied by the Commissions of Admissions. Every selected candidate shall confirm his or her intention to study under the Program by concluding a study agreement with the University.

Registration and tuition fees are regulated and charged by the University to which a student is admitted. The Responsible Units shall inform each other about the results of student’s admission in their Universities in writing w Admission Procedure: Recruitment of the students will be carried out by both Universities using, amongst other things, usual communication channels for recruiting students for the national program.


For more information please visit the website: Information of studying and living in Vilnius, Mykolas Romeris University.

The eligibility criteria for the second-cycle programme and admission criteria in Riga Stradins University (RSU) are available on the website within two weeks after the end of the admission process.